There Goes The Galaxy chat transcript

This transcript is from an interview Jenn Thorson did on February 21, 2012 with Libdrone Books.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson how long did it take you to write TGTG, Jenn? (check out Jenn’s book at http://t.co/fekNmKjS)

Jenn_Thorson This was a work I did over about a decade on and off.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson wow. 10 years is a real labor of love it seems to me

Jenn_Thorson I came up with the idea in college and it was revised over a number of years. The college material was pretty awful.  But I felt there was something there.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson So the story kept drawing you back as a writer and your published book is the result of a long creative process? 

UberECOcool WOW! 10 yrs straight out of college?

Jenn_Thorson A long process, but I know a lot about the universe now which helps so much for new material.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson so you plan to continue writing about the settings and characters introduced in TGTG and your earlier short story?

Jenn_Thorson Yes, I an working on a sequel, called The Purloined Number. That should be done in a year or so.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson Susan took the next question right out of my mouth. How do you react to be compared such greats as Adams and Heinlein?

Jenn_Thorson It’s flattering certainly but I’m still learning. I think people are going to bring what they want to the work. I appreciate the enthusiasm.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson I have to ask of course. Were you a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy…..is Bertarm an Arthur Dent for GenY?

Jenn_Thorson I am a fan of the Guide. Bertram I think is a little bit of all of us trying to find our way today.

libdrone So Bertram is your everyman?

Jenn_Thorson An Everyman with his own faults and fears, certainly. The universe is so strange, we need that normalcy to get acclimated.

UberECOcool @Jenn_Thorson You’ve got a lot of story packed into one book. How did you decide to put it all out at once?

Jenn_Thorson There were certain points I wanted to hit with this book. The next one takes a different path. It was a logical breaking point. I’ve felt pretty fortunate to have the reception I have with it.

libdrone About that oh so striking universe, Jenn…how the heck did you choose the proper names in it? … some sound almost like things we all say. Others….wtf??

Jenn_Thorson The names are a combination of jokes, clues, scrambled words, Latin names…

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson I’m embarassed to admit that sometimes I didn’t get some of the names  Were any of the clues essential? Or do you have a favorite in joke you would share?

Jenn_Thorson And that’s all right because none of the names affect the plot. If someone gets a pun, great, if not, it’s okay too.

Jenn_Thorson You had asked about Adams, but my influences actually included works from writers like Wodehouse and Lewis Carroll, too. Also Jean Shepherd. Space has just given me a chance to play around and make things more surreal.

UberECOcool @Jenn_Thorson Sounds like you read a lot when you were younger. How old were you when you started writing?

Jenn_Thorson I got serious about writing when I was 11. I wrote a mystery book for a class project. I wanted to create the next Nancy Drew.

UberECOcool @Jenn_Thorson It’s absolutely fabulous! How did u decide to go #independent with #publishing, if I might ask?

Jenn_Thorson I chose to do it because the story felt relevant to today, and because humorous scifi isn’t a huge market for traditional publishers right now.

libdrone @Jenn_Thorson to me you seemed reluctant at first to go the #indie route, but then BOOM…. was expecting your next question to be about how to use smashwords….next I hear from you you’re sending me a review copy!

Jenn_Thorson Yes, I wasn’t sure until I did some more research and realized I would be missing out on an opportunity that was a good fit. Like Bertram Ludlow, I don’t make decisions lightly.


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