No one ever said saving the world would be glamorous.

                                                    No one ever said saving the world would be glamorous.

New for 2017!- Check Out THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN, a new humorous fantasy from author Jenn Thorson

"Thorson has a brilliant idea in mixing the world of Alice with a murder mystery. The result is a demented but internally consistent detective story... She deftly captures Carroll's absurdity, wordplay, and unsettling strangeness and rings some changes of her own." 
—Kirkus Reviews

Things that start with the letter M: 
Murder...Motives...Mary Ann

Mary Ann Carpenter, housemaid to Wonderland's White Rabbit, misses all the action when Alice drops into town.

She has her own problems. As witness to the murder of her estranged father, Mary Ann must go under-underground to learn more about the man she barely knew and the motives for his death. But the more she discovers, the more M-words keep coming. Like magic mirrors, monsters, mistaken identity and a murderer who is the mysterious manservant to the Queen of Hearts.

Mary Ann is mightily moved to unmask his malicious machinations, but can she unearth the evidence, expose the killer and keep a cool head?



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 Jenn Thorson is a marketing writer by day and an author by night—so sort of like Batgirl, but with less crime fighting and more carpal tunnel. Her stories have been published in the Humor Press, the journal for the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, The Timber Creek Review and Romantic Homes magazine.

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